illmatic Flow

Here's a new song over the 'Trillmatic' beat. Enjoy!!! Free download below

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Tha Rewind - Free Download

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Kno Me

The last song that I have left after I lost everything. Enjoy!!! You know you want a shirt or a snap back that says 'Kno Me' on it. Get yours HERE

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Career Update!!!

So, right after my Grandmother died, the hard drive with my entire music career, died. So I no longer make beats or none of that. I got an album worth of beats in tha cut but that's it. I have one song that I recorded that I never let anyone hear because I was saving it until I got a new camera to shoot the video for it. Now, none of that matters. So I will be putting this last song out on August 4th. I'm not recording anymore until I get a real mic or I get access to a "real studio". No more RadioShack mic in the middle of an empty ass bedroom, with no sound-proofing or dampening whatsoever, making me have to work extra hard to mix my vocals. I'm too good for that. I performed at tha Wizards game for god's sake, lol. I gotta move up not down. August 4th #MicheauxMondays wedding song of tha year. Pay attention...Oh yeah, I just put out my 1st mixtape. Every track produced by DJ Premier and it's FREE!!! Plus, the edited version is available. Download it below. Thank you.

Tha Premier Tape

A free album/mixtape using beats produced by DJ Premier. Free download below Enjoy!!!



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2Elite (Deluxe Edition) FREE!!! Download

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